About Game Point Designs

When the first paddle swung and the ball made its iconic bounce on the pickleball court, a passion was ignited. Game Point Designs, situated in Markham, Ontario, isn't just another pickleball apparel store—it's a tribute to every serve, drop, dink, and smash that enthusiasts of this rapidly-growing sport in North America cherish.

Our founder, an avid pickleball player, noticed a gap in the market for quality pickleball-themed T-shirts and accessories that truly capture the spirit of the game. This spark of realization led to the birth of Game Point Designs. With each product, from our vibrant tank tops to our innovative mugs, we endeavor to weave the thrill of pickleball into every fiber and pixel, making us a premier destination for online pickleball merchandise.

But our vision goes beyond selling products. We see the vibrant community behind pickleball—a tapestry of camaraderie, fun, and strategy. Our designs don’t just celebrate the athletic side, but also the friendships and memories forged on and off the court.

Thank you for letting us be part of your pickleball journey. At Game Point Designs, every shot counts, both in the game and in life.